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Steps to ART is the new gallery of Oia, located at the old Oia, under Saint Nikola’s Church on the caldera. Already known for the great metal sculptures of Nikos Hitoglou and his volcanic sand jelewery, Steps to ART also host the unique silver of Giorgos Polyzos, the excelent paintings of Aggeliki anthimidou, Irene Goulandris and many other Greek artists artwork. At the workshop in, you can see the creation of the jewelery in real time, and even order your own favorite depiction.

Everything is hand made, unique pieces, and when you leave you know that you take a little piece of Santorini home.

Nikos Hitoglou

Nikos Hitoglou

Owner / Designer / Creative Director

Nikos Hitoglou was born in Serres in 1975. At his teenage begins Niko's engagement with the art of metal, which continues until today. The hardness, the flexibility and the color variety that metal can yield, are the basic properties that help the artist to express his inner world. The metal at his hands is transformed into artworks with visual power and autonomy, acquiring soul and emotion. When he moved to Santorini, he was inspired by the amazing landscape and its elements. Using volcanic sand and stones from the different colored beaches of the island, old watch parts, silver, bronze, and gold he creates jewellery and paintings that are unique. The wall paintings of Akrotiri gave him the idea to make a replica of the lyre, which is the first one ever made, and he continued with bronze sculptures of the fisherman, the birds, the blue monkeys and other.